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Lose weight successfully, healthily, quickly and properly - over 40 thousand AIQUM (Germany) members have already done it!

Your target weight is our common goal on AIQUM.

You will read original entries from the Diet Forum that give an account of our successful AIQUM members experiences with AIQUM. They are frank about their dieting experiences, and some are in the form of real diet reports.

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Original testimonials from AIQUM members
Fothi: Before and after losing weight
Hello my fellow dieters!

Most of you already know me from the forum, though I have never really introduced myself to you, but just worked my way in. Despite this, you opened your arms to me and for that ďTHANK YOUĒ!
So, I would now like to officially introduce myself, but as you already know most things about me, Iíll take a step back and show you, who I am and who I was!
So, are you ready? Yes? Right, ok then here we go:

My name is Karin, Iím 34 years old, married and have an 11 year old son (ok, so heíll be 11 in one week).

I am 1.59m and when I started with AIQUM this January I weighed 89kg (actually 89.6 kg).
The first photo was taken on 12.12.06 and shows me at 84kg, five have already gone!!!

So, now you will probably want to see more photos and I will also be more than happy to show them to you!
I still have two ďbeforeĒ photos that are really awful and I am really ashamed of one of them, but I still want to show them to you! You have to face your sins and to be honest, I NEVER want to look like that again! That is the best shock treatment!

In the meantime, I weigh 67.9kg and have already lost 21.1 kg, which is approx. 147,700 kcal, that I ate less or burnt off during exercise.

My BMI has fallen from 35.2 to 26.9, the body fat percentage from 40% to 31.8% at the moment!!!

My clothes size shrunk from 46 to 40 and my bra size from 95 E to 85D at the moment, which is what I am most happy about.

So, yesterday I reached my target weight of 60 kg and as I promised to keep you up to date, Iíll do that now:

I have lost 29.2 kg in total (from 89kg to 59.8kg at the moment), i.e. I have burnt a massive total of 204,000 kcal to date.

I have reduced my stomach size by 32cm and my hips by 21cm!!!

My BMI has sunk from 35.2 to 23.7 and my body fat percentage from 40% to 27.8% at the moment.

My clothes size is now 36/38! My Bra size has been reduced from 95E to 80C!

Hereís what I look like now.

I really look forward to everything. I could never have done it without AIQUM.

Requendel lost 118 pounds!
I have just been looking through old photos and came across some old photos of me, what I looked like when I was at my fattest. I really canít imagine that I dragged so much weight around with me.

130 KG start weight

and today 77kg

That is a huge difference. AIQUM REALLY WORKS FOR ME!


Moosi has really changed a lot!
Hi everyone,

As I was looking through the holiday photos during the last 2 weeks, it became clear to me for the first time how much weight I have lost and how much I have changed since the beginning of the year. I want to tell you all about it, to help motivate you,

For those of you who donít know me form the forum, I would like to introduce myself briefly. Iím Tina, Iím 47 years young (at least I think so) and am married. I was really thin (55kg and 168cm tall) until about six years ago and was very satisfied with my figure. Then I lost my job and started to eat whole bars of chocolate, as I was stressed and bored. Shortly afterwards I got a new job, which totally messed up my biorhythm because of stress and shift work. I usually didnít eat anything from morning to the end of work and then raided the fridge at home. Or I fed my hunger with loads of fast food.

Within two years I had gained over 20 kg, until I weighed 78kg.

That doesnít sound really bad, but I was really frustrated, especially as the fat was almost completely on the upper part of my body. Because of this, it was no longer possible to wear attractive, modern clothes or a nice swimming costume in the summer. I didnít look in the mirror anymore, I began to starve myself and to make cabbage soup for weeks at a time, but I didnít lose weight. In fact, the opposite happened and I got hunger attacks and could not keep my weight stable, although I had started jogging. I felt as if someone had put me into the wrong body. Every night I dreamt that I would wake up the next morning and be myself again.

My metabolism was almost asleep, because I had been starving myself and I developed arrhythmia, shortage of breath, panic attacks and other heath problems. The results were so bad from my last check-up at the doctors in December 2007 that my doctor said that I had to eat healthier and lose weight around my stomach immediately, to prevent an impending heart attack.  She recommended joining a diet programme that the health insurance company provided and to do more exercise.

Due to my working hours, I couldnít go to the gym or to a nutrition course. I felt as if there was no hope for me to be able to change my situation. I decided to look in the internet for an online course, As a last resort. I came across a variety of websites, found faults with all of them, and decided that they werenít for me. Then I found AIQUM. The true stories and positive feedback from the press gave me a push in the right direction and I read everything.

Then I knew: AIQUMís the "Flexible Diet Method" (FDM) is just what I had been looking for! It is actually not really a diet, but a change in the way you eat. You learn to eat more healthily and regularly. There are no forbidden foods in it, you donít have to starve and can organise your nutrition to suit your circumstances. So, you are no longer left our when you friends have a party. I was convinced that I could lose weight with this concept and what is great about is that nothing is forbidden and you are allowed to treat yourself! So, AIQUMís FDM allowed me to enjoy a little extra every now and then and afterwards I could get back to a balanced diet without a problem! And without having a bad conscience, something that I had not been used to!

I decide to go for it and registered, only for three months in the beginning, as I was still a little sceptical because of my bad experiences. I also opted for the fitness exercises and followed the six week seminar. I got a real surprise: The weight started to drop off me. I weighed 77 kilos at the start, as I had already lost 1 kilo before registering, and after only four months I weighed 64 kilos and my BMI had gone form 27.3 to 22.7. And what was the most wonderful for me was that my old jeans fitted me again at this weight, the ones that had been tight when I was 58 kilos a few years ago. So, I am much thinner than I used to be at the same weight! It was a great help that the AIQUM Team of Experts and the really friendly and supportive AIQUM Community were always there for me to answer my questions and help me with my problems. I am thrilled! I feel happy with my body again and my health problems have almost all gone. My doctor is very happy with me and now I enjoy looking in the mirror.

Now I have almost reached my target weight of 60 kilos and only a few small roles off fat are left. And Iím sure theyíll also be gone soon.

Best Regards,

Something clicked for Hazina!
The search for the hidden switch or how to finally click

In June 2008 I weighed 105 kg and Iím 173m tall. I didnít know that exactly until then, as I had pushed my nasty little weighing scales right under the cupboard. But, I could guess that my weight had gone into three figures. Damn it! Then one thing came after another: I had eaten a lot, bad holiday photos, the next holiday was being planned and the joints in my knees and feet were crying out for help. So, ok, get on that thing, oh yes, just over 105kg. Ok, thatís enough!

I am with 105 Kg.

The right moment came from one day to the next. I had found the secret switch. Nothing had helped until then. I always knew that I had to do something, but it took a long time. But, now it had just gone too far. I had decided to finally to face up to things and lose weight.

Said and done. I went for it. The first few days on my own and, despite only a limited knowledge, I lost the first two kilo quickly. I found the link to AIQUM somewhere in the internet by coincidence.  So ok, first have a look. Right, a lot of success stories. I would also do it that way if I were the site owner. I didnít trust it. But, I read further and the concept and conditions appealed to me, so I joined and started. After a few hours I already had the feeling that I had found something really great. Everything was a little overwhelming in the beginning, but I had soon clicked onto all the links and found my way. The whole thing is really flexible. Plus, a friendly Community, great, Iíll stay here.

Wow, a lot changed for me. The next biggest change was when I went shopping. I often walked past our trolley as I simply didnít recognise it! As there was suddenly such strange things in it: a lot of fruit and vegetables, the sausage or cheese didnít really look so unhealthy, strange new margarine and where was the alcohol that usually found itís way into the shopping basket? Really strange and it was only half full too.

Different AIQUM recipes were tried at home. First of all, only for me, as the boys wanted a ďproperĒ meal. But, not for long, my husband soon insisted that only healthy food was to be cooked, which was also very tasty.

The next big step was to get off the sofa. A big and wonderful treadmill had been doing a Sleeping Beauty in the living room since Christmas. I pulled a face, walked across to the treadmill, as it was time to kiss it and wake it up. Thera-Bands were also bought soon after. I changed my membership at AIQUM so that I could also have access to the training plans and then I went for it. Now, I had to walk for and hour on the treadmill three times a week, once a week I went walking with a friend on the playing field and there was muscle training approx. 4 times a week. I was already obviously getting fitter, my feet no longer hurt and you could see that my knee joints relaxed more. Oh, come on! Me, on the way to being a real little top sportswoman, huh?

Earlier this morning my scales showed me a friendly 80 kg.
I have learnt about myself that I can be really focussed. That amazed me, as I had never thought I could do it. Over 20 kg have been lost so far. My trousers are hanging on me and I have happily said goodbye to a few tops. I have got to know a lot of nice people here. Here we commiserate, support, encourage, laugh and comfort each other. Without this, I probably would have thrown the weighing scales away, sold the treadmill and started to look for a prosthetic knee joint. But, it didnít happen. The expertise is spot on and it is so welcoming here. So, carry on! Hazina goes for her target Ė normal weight.

I am already 80 kg here.


Gabi is over the moon again
I came to AIQUM weighing 80 kilos and was a size 44. 
Today I weigh 65 kilos and am size 38. 

Starting weight 80 kg

and today at 65 kg

How did losing weight help overall?
Now, I can wear size 38 trousers and no longer 42/44.
My waist is 15 cm smaller. It was 89cm and now itís 74cm!
My hips are 10cm smaller, they measure 98cm now down from 108cm. Thatís 10cm!
My chest size has gone from 90cm to 80cm, which makes me really happy!

What else did it do?
I feel so happy, I finally know what itís like to flit around at 65kg, which I last experienced when I was 12 or 13!
It feels like someone has taken a rucksack off my shoulders, and there was not only weight in it, but also the inability to be open, overweight, disdain, semi-dangerous behaviour that damages your own body, like raiding the fridge, low self-esteem, no feeling for your own body and self-loathing.

What do I carry around with me today?
Happiness Ė actually overwhelming!
Love of life, enjoyment of food, self-control, and a little self-consciousness too, a healthy opinion of myself, no more lies, love and satisfaction that there are things like being overweight that you donít have to accept, that you can change if you WANT TO! And I wanted to and I want to carry on.

Without AIQUM I would definitely be 85kg again and that is something I can no longer imagine.


LŲckchen lost 50 pounds
When my clothes no longer fitted I made a decision!

I wanted to lose weight online and I found the perfect programme with AIQUM.

I have achieved a lot through exercise and the right diet with AIQUM. And Iíll achieve my target weight of 63 kg with AIQUM.


Mjack lost 50 pounds
My name is Jacky and in September 2008, shortly before my 45th birthday, I looked in the internet for a remedy to help me lose weight, without eating less! Unfortunately, I found a lot of pills and powders that promise this, but none that I could even slightly trust in. While I was surfing the net I came across the AIQUM website and first of all, I read a lot there.

100 KG starting weight

and today 75 kg
I registered that evening and after a few days it was already clear to me that I could do it here! I did not have to starve myself and with the ďFlexible Diet MethodĒ I could eat what I enjoyed. I soon saw results and I lost weight. Since then I have lost over 25kg and I can only recommend AIQUM. My husband was very sceptical at the start, and to be honest, so was I, but in the meantime I am convinced that with AIQUM I have found the right and healthy way to reach ďnormal weight.Ē  My husband has also lost some weight and we are thrilled. A whole new way of life has appeared and at last I can buy my trousers in normal shops and no longer have to go to the outsize department. My clothes size has been reduced from 48-50 to 40-42. I would still like to lose 10 kilos and Iíll manage that with AIQUM! Then thereíll be more new photos!


Losing weight without dieting

Anita W. aus Bielefeld
"I never imagined that it would be so easy!"

"I found AIQUM by chance during the late summer and then I was sceptical, as it was not my first dietÖ.
But, I was reassured when I saw that with AIQUM you follow the guidelines of the German Nutrition Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft fŁr Ernšhrung) and that all the experts on AIQUM are certified professionals.

The AIQUM programme has a lot of advantages for me, as you have the absolute freedom to create your own meals and can also choose your favourite from a wide variety of sports. I can log on at any time and get the help and support that I need. And all that for a great price!

I was accepted into the Community immediately with open arms and in the meantime we have become a great group and the team of experts are also great.

I noticed at once: You are not alone and this time you will do it!
What more should I say, I have lost 21 kg with AIQUMís help and am close to my target weight!

I had never thought that is could be so easy Ė AIQUM is an absolute favourite and I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight!

Best wishes,

Diet, losing weight, a lot of weight, by our member Rubenslady
Erika from Vienna
"AIQUM has changed my life"

I had my first child at 18 and both during and after the pregnancy I steadily gained weight. I have tried every possible diet, powder and tablet and always believed all their promises. I got more frustrated every time when they didnít work. Then, I came to a point when I just gave up and stuffed myself. That carried on for 10 years. When I was 52 I could hardly walk up the stairs, my joints hurt and I could hardly walk.
During that time something clicked and I thought about my living and eating habits. The way I was living during that time couldnít be everything, could it?
I thought about why all the diets I had tried hadnít worked out and I came to the conclusion that I donít like to be told what to eat. I sat down and put together a menu plan that suited my daily schedule and my taste. I did this just for me. And I lost weight, it was great. After three months I had lost so much weight that I dared to go walking. First of all, I did this for only a quarter of an hour, but I got better and better and then I walked for half an hour. I did this every morning and as it was winter, early in the morning so that nobody saw me.  During this time I got stuck on the same weight, and that is when I discovered AIQUM. The team and member helped me to get through this difficult time. It was a real hard knock having walked every day for three months and not having lost any weight. There was always someone there to encourage me not to give up. But, I didnít only weight myself, but I also took my measurements. And then I saw that my body had really changed. The help I got from AIQUM with putting together meals and the training programme made things much easier. With AIQUMís help I lost 60 kg. If I could do it, so can anyone.

The AIQUM Team answers all your questions at once. Join or strong Community and I hope to get to know you soon in the Forum and Chat.

If you have any questions, then send me a message.



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