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Lose weight quickly, but how? Free weight loss prognosis!

Want to lose weight quickly? When should I do this and when will I reach my target weight?

Do you feel like losing weight, if so, is it a desire, or even a must? When can you lose 5, 10, 20 or just a few kilos more? Lose weight easily, successfully and in a healthy manner with AIQUM. Test here, free and non-binding, how quickly you can reach your target weight with us, in a healthy way and keep it off.

Enter your data here and see for yourself how quickly you can reach your target weight with AIQUM!

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If you lose weight too quickly or starve away your kilos, you are not doing your body any favours. Your metabolism adjusts itself and you have the so-called „Yo Yo effect“.

lose weight quickly without the JoJo Effekt

As a rule, the yo-yo effect is caused because not enough calories have been eaten, during a diet, and the body reacts as if it as at war. If the body does not get enough energy, then it tries to take as much energy as possible and becomes a top salvager. The body adapts and goes into energy saving mode (slow metabolism), so that it can survive.

Even muscle tissue is metabolised now. As muscles need an enormous amount of energy, the basal metabolic rate sinks even lower. These effects guarantee a weight increase by reduced calorie intake.

You can avoid this with AIQUM. Find out your prognosis here and it will be time to lose weight successfully and healthily without the Yo-Yo Effect. Use AIQUM today to reach your target!

How can I avoid the Yo-Yo Effect? AIQUM never takes you under the basal metabolic rate. AIQUM will standardise and activate your metabolism. AIQUM does not give your body the chance to get used to one situation. AIQUM will change your way of eating successfully. AIQUM will integrate tasks and exercise / sports activities into your life. AIQUM will increase your calorie intake. AIQUM will stabilise your weight.

Losing weight quickly works if done slowly enough. You can't erase years of bad eating in a short time. If the metabolism is right, your body will reward you. You will lose weight and reach your normal weight. AIQUM will make this really possible for you without you having to starve and without a diet.

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