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Ayurveda - detailed information



Ayurveda (meaning [i] knowledge of life [/ i]) experienced a huge boom in the last few years and is the buzzword in the marketing of absolute health and wellness products.

So you stumble across on the advertising of Ayurvedic soap Bishins to Ayurveda Wellness Massage. As varied and flexible application of the concept of Ayurveda may be, it refers simply to traditional Indian medicine, which has its roots in India and is gaining followers in Western countries.

Ayurveda is a holistic treatment that involves not only the physiological aspects, but also mental, spiritual and emotional aspects.

Within the Ayurvedic treatment there is a typing, the division into different temperaments or life energy, which makes so-called doshas:

Vata => Wind, air and ether Pneuma

Kapha => Earth and water, phlegm

Pitta => Fire and water, Chole

The Ayurvedic theory is based on the notion that occur in every organism that usually doshas and stand out one or two doshas. So to the correct form of treatment and the most effective drug for the right type of man prescribe ayurvedic doctor must first identify which of the doshas dominate the most.

The aim is then to doshas possible to reconcile and to guarantee the best possible well-being!

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