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Successful Weight Loss, Dieting, Slimming - detailed information


Successful Weight Loss, Dieting, Slimming

You are looking for a successful Weight Loss, Dieting, Slimming?

Successful Weight Loss

As if it isnít hard enough to lose weight in the first place, you also have to motivate yourself to stick to your new healthy eating habits, once youíve reached your goal. Thatís why itís important to choose a diet that shows you how to change your unhealthy eating habits to healthy ones and maybe even has an exercise program as well. If you can or enjoy cooking, then all the better, as there are hundreds of recipe books and thousands of healthy recipes available today.

Variety on a diet will keep you interested and will also help you to maintain your weight afterwards. Make sure that you eat a balanced meal and vary the kind of food you eat. This is another reason that fad diets, crash diets and diets that make you eat only 1 kind of food, such as the cabbage soup diet, are bad. They are not only unhealthy, but also monotonous. 

As discussed often, the key to healthy weight loss and stabilizing weight afterwards is: five a day fruit and veg, lean protein, lots of fibre rich foods, no white flour products, but wholemeal, healthy fat, not much sugar and salt and drink enough.

Donít force yourself to clean your plate, if youíre full, stop eating. Choose smaller portions and eat until you are satisfied and not stuffed.

Make sure that you eat slowly, chew your food, this will make it easier to digest and help you to lose weight.

Drink a glass of still water about 30 minutes before your meal and this will help fill you up and eat a little less.

Donít drink too much liquid when eating, just sip, as if you drink too much it will dilute your digestive juices and make digestion harder, which is not good if you want to burn calories to lose weight or for your healthy in general.

Also, exercise is a great way to support your weight loss and tone up your body as you are losing weight, Itíll help you burn calories, keep you fit and give you lots of energy. You donít have to go to the gym, there are lots of other ways to exercise, such as walking up and down the stairs, gardening or doing housework. Of course, thereís also playing tennis, jogging and cycling, amongst other sports too. Decide if you want to exercise alone, with a friend or as part of a group or team.

If you choose to consult a nutritionist, then theyíll want to find out why you eat and if there is a psychological reason behind it or not. If you eat when youíre sad, happy, confused, etc. if you eat chocolate as a reward for something youíve done well, as you used to get chocolate as a reward as a child maybe.

Eat a well balanced meal, containing all the healthy fats, good carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals that you need every day.

Eat three meals and two healthy snacks per day. But, donít force yourself to eat if you arenít hungry.

Many nutritionists suggest keeping a food diary, as then you can see what you eat, when you eat it and maybe see a pattern of why. If you see a nutritionist, then they will probably ask you to keep a food diary the week before your appointment, as itís a great tool for them too to see your eating habits. Then theyíll be able to take this into consideration when making a diet plan for you. Youíll also be able to see how your eating habits change, which will amaze you.

A mistake many of us make is standing on the scales too much.  You donít need to weigh every day, as your daily weight loss will be minimum. Weigh first thing in the morning once a week and make a note of your eight in your food diary. Some people also measure their weight loss by trying to fit into their favourite pair of jeans. This is also a greatest motivator, when they fit, then this can be the greatest motivation ever.

Treat yourself to something non food related if you meet your monthly targets, this can also be a great motivator. Try a cool new lunch box or flask, or those shoes youíve always wanted, etc.

If youíd like to lose weight then look no further. At AIQUM the nutrition and exercise plans are based on scientific research so that you can lose weight and keep it off, while staying healthy.  Forget other diets, AIQUM Germany has already been tested and highly recommended by the German Consumer Association, the Organic Consumer Test, as well as German magazines like Fit For Fun, Shape, Menshealth and Tomorrow, amongst others.

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