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Lose Weight Successfully - detailed information


Lose Weight Successfully

Opinions are divided on the subject of weight loss and as new diets appear every week, like mushrooms sprouting out of the ground, you have to decide for yourself exactly what you understand about successful weight loss!

If you look at official statistics, it is obvious how difficult it is to stabilise your “new” weight, after dieting. Only almost 10% of people manage this! Therefore, successful weight loss for us is not necessarily the total weight lost during the diet, but also the time after that. So, we first talk about someone having lost weight successfully, when they have also kept their new weight after they have stopped dieting!

First of all, you have to make the right decision about the method you are going to use to lose weight, to be able to enjoy losing weight successfully at all! Exclusively holistic methods, which include nutrition, exercise and balancing the inner self will lead to successful weight loss!

Eating habits have to be changed step by step and in favour of a healthy, varied diet which is low in calories and fat, as well as not overdoing the carbohydrates. To avoid going hungry and cravings for hearty and sweet food, you should plan a number of smaller meals during the day. In this way, your insulin levels stay constant and at the same time your binges will be under control!

Losing weight online is trendy! However, if you want to lose weight you should also do some exercise. Every movement you make, makes you thinner, according to popular belief, and every small movement really activates the musculature, the nr. 1 fat burner!

We often overestimate the calories burned during sport/exercise and underestimate calories burned during regular activities! And so, you don’t really have to do sports/exercise to lose weight: at AIQUM.com, with the FDM (Flexible Diet Method), we have created the possibility for you to lose pounds successfully by increased physical activity in your daily life!

If you want to lose weight successfully, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance this time! At AIQUM you will get tailor made Menu and Sports Plans, based on current scientific standards, so that you can lose weight easily and successfully and most important of all: keep your weight stable afterwards! Losing weight successfully has never been so easy before!

In the following you can read what AIQUM members think about AIQUM.com and our FDM (Flexible Diet Method), which was developed by nutritionists and sports scientists. Be amazed by the changes in people who lost weight with our help, in the before and after photos:

Success Stories (before and after losing weight)

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