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Herbal Weight Loss Supplements, Herbal Diet-Supplements - detailed information


Herbal Weight Loss Supplements, Herbal Diet-Supplements

Weight loss supplements are a huge market and natural ones, or ones that claim they are natural, are becoming increasingly popular. Some are available in heath food shops and other outlets, but others are only available over the internet. The general advice from medical practitioners and nutritionists is to avoid those that are only available online. Some of the more popular ones are:

Health Aid Slim Rite

Two tablets have to be taken three times a day about thirty minutes before you eat.

The main ingredient is alfalfa powder, with ginger, chicory and parsley powder amongst the other numerous ingredients. They are readily available online.

Health Aid Chitosan Complex

Two tablets have to be taken twice a day before meals.

Chitosan itself is fibre from shellfish and is said to be able to bind fat before the body starts to absorb it, hence the tablets are called fat Attractors. The tablets also contain chromium, a well known ingredient in diet pills.


Four tablets have to be taken per day, two after lunch and two dinner. They state on the packet that they can turn fat to muscle.

These tablets contain chromium too and numerous vitamins, as well as cinnamon bark.

Bio Synergy Body Perfect

Two tablets have to be taken with breakfast.

Green tea and bitter orange are two of the main ingredients in these pills. The pills promise to burn body fat and ease your food cravings, thanks to c combination of herbal ingredients.

Lipo Bind

These tablets are also fat blockers. They state on their website, that a natural fibre from dried cactus has been clinically proven to bind just over a quarter of the fat ingested form the food we eat. It also contains the fat soluble vitamins A,D, and E.

There are also berry flavoured Lipo Bind sachets.

Slim Bomb

Slim Bomb is an appetite suppressant and is said to increase you metabolic rate, so that you burn fat faster and hence, lose weight.

Super Slim Pomegranate

Super Slim Pomegranate tablets are from China. Strangely enough, there isn’t any pomegranate in the ingredients. 


A very famous diet pill, available online and at various retailers.

Many diet pills contain caffeine, as this gives your metabolism a boost and speeds up weight loss. Other diet pills suppress your appetite, make you feel full as they are high in soluble fibre or other substances that fill up your stomach.

Herbal diet pills sound as if they are healthy, but this mostly wrong, as they have not been approved by any recognized medical body and, therefore, it is not even guaranteed that the ingredients are what are written on the bottles. So, you should be careful when resorting to such measures.

You would be much better off following a healthy, balanced diet and exercising. This may man that you lose weight more slowly, but it also means that you will stay healthy when doing so. Plus, keep the weight off afterwards.

If you’d like to lose weight then look no further. At AIQUM the nutrition and exercise plans are based on scientific research so that you can lose weight and keep it off, while staying healthy.  Forget other diets, AIQUM Germany has already been tested and highly recommended by the German Consumer Association, the Organic Consumer Test, as well as German magazines like Fit For Fun, Shape, Menshealth and Tomorrow, amongst others.

Take a look at the before and after photos of some of our members and read their sensational success stories:Success lose weight stories

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