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Weight loss - current information in the AIQUM Glossary


Weight loss Glossary

Whoever wants to lose weight should stay away from the so-called crash diets and other offers like losing weight in your sleep, by hypnosis, without sport/exercise or by eating what you like! Don’t put any faith in these!

Losing weight should be planned and done in a healthy way, as losing weight is not the real art, but losing fatty tissue and after that, keeping your weight stable is!

According to current studies, almost 10% of people who have lost weight, gain it (and often more) back sooner or later: this is called the yo-yo effect!

Other studies have proved that steady, but slower, weight loss is more successful in the long term than losing weight quickly, as in this case, most weight is lost from the musculature.

Lose weight – but how?

Here are the most important ground rules:

  • Reduce fat intake! Approx 60-70g fat per day, max 30% of the total calorific intake, is just right and this is reached much quicker than you think! If you live on chips or sausage, then it will be impossible to lose weight! Low fat foods should be a priority, as they support weight loss!

  • Losing weight with starchy foods: starchy foods in the form of carbohydrates, such as potatoes, rice and pasta, are low fat, but really fill you up!  They should be combined with other healthy food groups as the basis of a meal.

  • 5 a day: five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables will provide you with essentials nutrients when you are losing weight.

  • Is only vegetarian food allowed when you want to lose weight? No! It is allowed to eat meat 2 – 3 x per week.

  • Does weight loss mean and doing without certain foods? Under certain conditions! Sweet things in moderation instead of huge amounts are allowed!

  • Try to follow the “Eatwell Plate” (Food Standards Agency) or rather, AIQUM’s plans to guarantee the healthiest possible choice of food and to lose weight successfully and in a healthy way.

  • Drink enough: If you want to lose weight, you should drink at least 2 litres of liquid a day. Unsweetened fruit juices, mineral water, fruit teas are the best and drinks like cola of sweetened fruit juices are counterproductive!

  • Are any foods banned when losing weight? Banning is banned, as you will usually do the opposite and make losing weight more difficult!

  • Sport, exercise and physical activity should be added step by step. You can get individual Training Plans, as well as Menu Plans, at AIQUM. So that you lose weight effectively.

    Look at the our members’ before and after photos, read original reports and be amazed at the quick and permanent success stories:

    Success Reports (losing weight before and after)

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