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Healthy Eating - detailed information


Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating: a trendy term or serious science?

We wanted to look in to it for you:

Healthy eating is a very popular slogan in the media at the moment. Titles with "healthy eating" are not only in the headlines of countless gooks and magazines, but "healthy eating" is conquering more and more TV channels.

What does "healthy eating" mean?

So-called healthy eating describes a way of eating in which drinks as well as food are carefully sought out. Careful preparation when dealing with whole foods plays an important role in healthy eating. Healthy eating also means that the food and drinks are eaten and drunk with as little treatment as possible.

Healthy eating also means that nutrients and calories are not calculated and the recommendations of eating wholesome food is concerned with whole foods.

Healthy eating combines old nutrition traditions with the new scientific discoveries.

Last but not least healthy eating recommends a whole food diet and also draws from social, technological and ecological aspects in the evaluation of the food.

Healthy food does not only taste so, but it provides everything needed for an optimum physical and mental performance and definitely has the feeling of well-being and is good for your health too. 

Healthy eating allows for the use of foods that are untested, as much as possible.

AT AIQUM.co.uk you get healthy, individual Menu Plans, which incorporate healthy eating and provide you with the best conditions for you to stay healthy and full of vitality!

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