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Weight loss, Diet, Nutrition, Fitness, Health, Wellness, Beauty

Weight loss Glossary

Whoever wants to lose weight should stay away from the so-called crash diets and other offers like losing weight in your sleep, by hypnosis, without sport/exercise or by eating what you like! Don’t put any faith in these!

Losing weight should be planned and done in a healthy way, as losing weight is not the real art, but losing fatty tissue and after that, keeping your weight stable is!

According to current studies, almost 10% of people who have lost weight, gain it (and often more) back sooner or later: this is called the yo-yo effect!

Other studies have proved that steady, but slower, weight loss is more successful in the long term than losing weight quickly, as in th ...

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Diet, Diet Glossary

The word diet comes from Greek and means nothing more than way of life. A special way of eating is described by this word, which means the meaning has changed since Hippocrates’ time. Now it means that a special selection of food is eaten during a longer period of time. The intake of nutrients such as fat or carbohydrates, but also protein, is reduced during a diet or at least should be.

So, a diet describes a special form of nutrition, whereas fasting compared to a diet limits nutrient intake in general.

The following belong to today’s diets: low fat, Optifast, with carbohydrates (eg Atkins, Low GI Diet, Stone Age Diet), carbohydrate free diet, Anabolic Diet, optimising the perce ...

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Nutrition Glossary

Nourishment is the basic necessity that keeps all living creatures alive and it governs the intrinsic functions of the human body, spirit, psyche and social well-being. Consciously dealing with nutrition is a part of human culture and all religions.

Human nutrition, as we understand it, is providing people with nourishment in the form of food and stimulants. Nourishment is provided orally by ingesting food in the form of meals and drinks. Human nutrition consists of food; raw, cooked or prepared in other ways, fresh or conserved. During nutritional research, nutritional science was concerned with the incorrect intake of nourishment, which was then labelled as a nutritional disorder.

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Fitness Glossary

In general, fitness represents physical as well as mental harmony. Fitness conveys that someone is capable of being able to bear up under the strain of daily life, as well as work. 

It is difficult to define fitness, as different groups and people associate different meanings with it

So, fitness can be defined by the simultaneous attributes of power, endurance, movement and coordination, amongst others. It is certainly much more, as we should not forget mental fitness too!

Fitness: what does this modern catch phrase mean? General, balanced fitness training can demonstrably decrease the risks of the diseases of modern civilisation in the industrial countries, but fitn ...

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Health Glossary

It is not easy to define the term "health", so there are numerous definitions that are more or less valid.

According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) definition, health is "a condition of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not the very absence of diseases and ailments".

This definition of health consciously conveys that health does not only mean physical suffering, but also concerns our mental and social health problems, which are really playing a bigger and bigger role in our very service oriented world! 

Without question, health is our most valuable asset, which we were not given for a lifetime, but (as far as we can influ ...

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Wellness Glossary

The term wellness comes from the terms well-being and fitness.

According to the definition of the American Dr Kenneth H Cooper and the Dr of social medicine Halbert Dunn, the term wellness reflects a lifestyle concept that is aimed at well-being, fun and a good physiological constitution.

An increasing number of products and services in the wellness area have finally lead to the term "wellness" becoming a very general synonym for exercises and methods, which increase physical, mental and emotional well-being.

And so, the many branches, which only slightly have something to do with the term wellness, are using the term as signs for their marketing, promoting norm ...

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Beauty Glossary

External beauty is becoming more and more valued today, so it is not surprising that many people make beauty their second greatest priority, after health!

Generally, it is indeed necessary to have sayings, such as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", however, scientific research has proved that certain characteristics have to come together, to define the term beauty! On this subject, it has been ascertained that symmetrical facial features, in both halves of the face, were found to be beautiful to the majority of the test subjects. Therefore, beauty is scientifically measurable!

Furthermore, a well looked after external appearance, such as a slim, trained body are further ...

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