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BMI, WHR - Your free, personal Figure Test with AIQUM

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BMI, WHR - Your free, personal Figure Test

Let´s be honest, who wouldn´t like to look like the Greek God Zeus or the Egyptian beauty Cleopatra? Both of these figures still stand for everlasting, classical perfection: graceful, beautiful and radiant.

Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally beautiful. Genetics play an important role in this. It used to be considered impossible to reach such ideals, but it is now possible to come very close to them by taking certain steps involving up-to-date scientific knowledge from the nutritional and exercise field, as well as tailor-made menu and diet plans and last but not least, the right frame of mind.
Absolute perfection is of course not everyone´s goal. The weight, at which individuals are happy with themselves, often plays a role here. At least this is a worthwhile goal, both for our appearance and our health. Unfortunately, our appearance and our charisma are no longer only "external factors". Phrases like Fitness, Beauty and Anti-aging have been coined in our modern times, strengthened by the media and at the same time are a comment on our performance-oriented society. Not only success in our private lives, but also in our business lives has a lot to do with appearance, charisma and vitality today, as studies have proved.
Apart from our appearance suffering, obesity is especially dangerous, as it can cause health problems in the:
  • cardiovascular system
  • lungs
  • the liver
  • and the joints (wear & tear)

The fat distribution in the body plays a large role here. Therefore, adrenocortial obesity, fat deposits in the stomach area, means a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. A person often feels fit and healthy, however, they carry certain health risks with them in their own body, without even noticing it, let alone being aware of them. The following test is about the scientific evaluation of your figure, or rather, your weight and possible health risks.
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