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Questions and answers about AIQUM for members

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Lose weight easily, lose weight naturally - Member FAQ´s
Where can I find the Diary?
Go to "Calendar", click on the day you want to make a diary entry or click on the "book with a pencil" symbol.

Why do the Menu and Sport Plans change every 2 weeks?
According to nutritional science, a change in the amount of calories consumed is necessary to avoid stagnation in body weight.
Whatever we do to our body, it tries to compensate for it, to regain its "balance". This is usually very important, but in this case an unwanted protective mechanism. After all, subcutaneous fat is meant to be energy reserves for times of famine, amongst other things and the body wants to keep them.

The metabolism is programmed with the predetermined calorie intake with the same menus in both mid to long term, which results in success stagnating. Through a regular change in the amount of calories as well as the ratio of nutrients, (these follow the Food Standard Agency / Nutrition Society guidelines), which have already been calculated for you, we can avoid this problem and always guarantee success.

Something similar is true for the Training Plans. Experience also shows that the body tries to check the "stress system" here and if this is successful, then success will also be slowed down. We avoid this, as we make the plans with intervals and these, which are tailor made for you and your fitness level, are modified weekly.

By combining both of the above, your continuous success is guaranteed.

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