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Questions and answers about AIQUM for members

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Lose weight easily, lose weight naturally - Member FAQ´s
What is the Prognosis and how do I work with it?
The prognosis is a valuable tool that gives you an overview of how long it will take you to reach your target weight. This is done using your specific data, the target weight, calorie intake as well as physical activities and scientific formulas.  With the Prognosis Diagram in front of you, you can see how quickly you will lose weight, with the help of certain activities, or what will happen if you change your Menu Plans. So, you can change your plans until your heart’s content!

What will happen if I want to miss out one or more days?
Even this is not a problem at AIQUM, simply make up for what you have eaten on those days. In the "Energy Balance Diagram" on the My AIQUM homepage you can see exactly where you stand and can compensate for this, if necessary, during the following days through Nutrition and/or sport/exercise or other physical activities. If you take a break longer than a couple of days, you can find your "Energy Balance" for the whole membership under "Diagram" then "Energy Balance". So, you can ALWAYS compensate for lapses!

Where can I ask questions on various topics, when I need help?
If you want to ask our experts a question, then simply click on the left menu list in the "Forum" and then you will be transferred to our discussion forum. In the "Ask the Expert" Forum you can ask away and our expert team will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Where can I change my Menu Plan?
You can do this directly in the Menu Plans using the various symbols for changing recipes, saving them as favourites, deleting meals, adding meals, copying meals and copying whole menu plans, etc.
In addition, you can make extra changes under "Profile" (favourites, etc).

Where can I change my password and other details?
How can I change my password, food preferences, change the Training Plan, add an avatar, upload personal information to the Forum, enter information about Forum entries and private messages?

Go to "Profile" and you will find the relevant link there.

Where can I change my Training Plans?
If you have booked the Fitness Plan, you can make changes in it yourself (change exercises, change repeats and sets, add exercises to favourites, change training time, etc) or under "Profile".

Where can I enter information about extra calories used?
You can enter the results of extra activities in the Calendar under the relevant day by clicking on the "ball" symbol and entering the amount of calories in "extra calories used". The amounts can come from your heart rate monitor or home trainer display.

Where can I enter my physical activities?
If you want to positively influence your Energy Balance, then do sports/exercise or any other physical activities. You can enter these activities on the relevant day in the Calendar using the "ball" symbol. Just click on the relevant activity and enter the time. Then a hook will appear over the "ball" symbol in the Calendar. Of course, you can change or delete entries whenever you like.

Where can I find my Menu Plans?
As soon as you have done the Figure Test, go to "Calendar" and click on the "bread with glass" symbol, for the day you want to see you Menu Plans for. The Figure Test is repeated every two weeks, that’s why you get your menu plans every two weeks.

Where can I find my Training Plans?
If you have chosen our optional extra "Fitness", then your individual training plans are already available to you. To open them, go to "Calendar" and click the "dumbbells" symbol (for Weight Training) or the "heart" symbol (for endurance training) on the day you want to see your training plans for.

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