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Questions and answers about AIQUM for members

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Lose weight easily, lose weight naturally - Member FAQ´s
How I add other member’s recipes to my recipe book?
To look at other member’s recipes and to add favourites to your collection, go to "My Lounge", then "Search".
Click on the "Recipe" tab and then on activate "Latest Recipes" and finally on "Search".

Then click on a specific recipe name and on the green plus sign, to add this recipe to your Recipe Collection! Then you can find this recipe under "Cookery Book" and under "Recipes" in My Lounge.

How quickly will I lose weight?
How quickly will I lose weight?
You have to save approx. 7000kcal (by eating fewer calories) to lose 1kg and/or burn them through physical activity, sport and exercise.
If you look at the Prognosis Diagram (list on the left under Prognosis, then Diagram), you can see how quickly you will lose weight.
The Prognosis Diagram calculates how much time you will need to reach the target weight you state in your Figure Test and this is based on your Figure Test, meals, physical activities and sport/exercise.

Read more under the question: "How can I lose weight faster?".

I can’t find a certain foodstuff, what do I do now?
Our nutrient databank contains over 10,000 foodstuffs. It doesn’t often happen that a certain foodstuff is missing. If this is the case, then you can define the foodstuff and add it to your nutrient database. To define and enter your own ingredient, go to your Menu Plan. There you will find “own ingredient” at the top, amongst other things. When you have clicked on it, a new menu will appear, then you have to click on “new own ingredient.”

Now you can enter a category, the name and the standard amounts (the amount that is usually eaten) for your foodstuff.
Furthermore, you can enter the calories here and if you also have the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat, you can enter these too.

Now confirm that you have entered everything, by clicking “enter own ingredient.” Then there will be a confirmation menu, in which you will be asked to check your details again. If everything is correct, confirm by clicking on “enter own ingredient.” Your new foodstuff will be added to your list.

I didn’t do my planned exercises, so what do I do now?
No problem! Our “Flexible Diet Method” can also be helpful here: with the Energy Balance Diagram of the week in front of you, you can compensate for the missing training units easily and stress free, even days later, through sport/exercise or alternative physical activities. Simply eat less and/or be more active and make sure that the Energy Balance on the My  AIQUM homepage has been balanced again.
AIQUM knows no constraints, that’s why there is room to manoeuvre and alternatives!

You want to delete the whole day:

Above the exercises you’ll see the menu heading “set everything to 0.” As soon as you have clicked here, the whole day will be deleted!

You only want to delete individual exercises:

Click on “change” in the Endurance Plan, then put a 0 as the time and click on “confirm changes.”
In the Weight Training Plan click on the exercise that you want to delete, then on “change” and enter a zero under “number of repetitions” and then click on “confirm changes.”

All the changes you have made are immediately incorporated into your Energy-Balance Diagram and Prognosis Diagram.

I don’t like the recommended meals, how can I change them?
You can make the changes directly in the Menu Plan, by using any of the numerous symbols (change recipe, save recipe as favourite, delete meal, add meal, copy meal, copy whole Menu Plan, etc). The “change recipe” symbol is two green arrows in a circle.

I missed out the Figure Test, what do I do?
Don’t worry if you miss out the Figure Test, you can take it again at anytime! Simply go to the Calendar and look for the last symbol for the Figure Test, i.e. the day on which this should have been carried out.

If this did not take place in the current month, then click through the Calendar.

Is it worth ordering a Fitness Plan, as well as Menu Plans?
It makes a lot of sense. Although it is completely possible to lose weight without extra training, but fitness training speeds up weight reduction considerably and will help you reach your goal quicker. It also tightens up your body, which is also very important if you lose a lot of weight.
For just a small money Per month you will get professional, tailor made fitness plans, covering general fitness to problem area training and back strengthening exercises. The exercises are shown as videos; you can always change the exercise or method and optimise the training plan to suit you.

Life after AIQUM: What can I do to keep my weight stable?
Basically, almost everyone who has tried a number of diets knows this problem:

The Yo-Yo Effect kicks in, if you do not follow certain rules, you will weight the same as before very quickly!

As a matter of fact, according to statistics, only 10% of people who lose weight keep stable for a long time.
It is very important to stress here that this problem belongs to dubious diets and as AIQUM is not a diet in the traditional sense, but a healthy change of eating habits, then the risk of such weight gain is quite low.

You can find important Tips from us below, which you can use when you are still with AIQUM and also after to stabilise your weight for the long term:

  • try to stick to the basics that you learned at AIQUM even after you have left AIQUM
  • flick through the lectures in the Behavioural Seminars again and print the whole seminar out, so that you can use the information to refresh your memory, even after  you have left AIQUM!
  • Stay with AIQUM for a few weeks after you have reached your target weight so that you can reinforce the principles you have learned about changing your diet and exercise
  • Only play a little bit with the Energy Balance, so you can enjoy a few more calories and can keep a regular check on your weight. As soon as your weight has evened out and is stable, you know that you have found your ideal Energy Balance (amount of calories)!
  • no matter what, don’t let the new exercise/sport rituals that you have learned at AIQUM spoil your daily life!
  • you have to include regular exercise and sports in your life, like all other important appointments
    make a note of your training times like appointments in your diary, until they become part of you, like brushing your teeth!
  • even if you are no longer an AIQUM member you can still check your Spare Time Activities and see what you have to do to even out small sins. Here is the link: Spare time activities

Only 1 click to the Menu Plan and Sport/Exercise Plan: How does this work?
There is always a conflict of interests if you try to develop a system, which has unlimited flexibility on the one hand and is also easy to use, on the other.
This problem was handled very well by us, as you can, but don’t have to do anything! As soon as you have taken your first Figure Test, click on the Menu Plan (bread and milk) symbol in the Calendar and you will get recipes for the respective day, which have been worked on by experts, so that they suit your goals and wishes perfectly.

The same is true for the Training Plans (if you have the Gold Membership). A click on the "dumbbell" symbol in the Calendar or the heart, (weight or endurance training) is enough and you will get your Training Plans. They have already been tailor made to suit you, your goals and wishes.

Therefore, you don’t have to change anything and will get you optimum plans with just 1 click (click on the symbol for Menu Plans or Fitness Training in the Calendar overview for the chosen day.

If you would like to, you can change, customise and optimise your plans until your heart is content. Also, see the question: "Where can I change my Menu Plans?" and "How can I change my Training Plans?".

The Menu Plans don’t have enough calories for me, so what can I do?
You as the client can decide for yourself how much you would like to eat, as long as you keep within our recommended limits. And that works like this:

There is always a spectrum within which you can move freely. This can be found in the balance of "Your Calorie Intake", which you can find to the right of the Menu Plans.

This varies between Minimum (always 1200kcal) and Maximum (that is the Maximum amount of calories that will just help you to reach your target weight).
Our plans are designed to vary within this spectrum, but that you can change the recommended recipes with others with more or less calories, can add whole meals or get rid of some. At the same time, the Prognosis Diagram will let us know about the effect of every step.

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