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Questions and answers about AIQUM for members

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Lose weight easily, lose weight naturally - Member FAQ´s
How do I add calorific values to Menu Plans?
If you only want to add the number of calories, either as extra info, or instead of a meal, or rather a foodstuff, this can be done quite easily at AIQUM.
Go to this point on the Menu Plan and click on the green plus sign for the respective meal (“add recipe or ingredient.”) Activate everything in the menu, under the field “calorie intake” and click on “next.” 

For example, you could enter “Canteen Food” for the name, then add the number of calories and confirm everything by clicking on “add calorie intake.”

The number of calories will now appear on your chosen menu. If you only want to see the number of calories, you will have to delete the meal. To do this, simply click on the “no stopping” sign.

How do I change recipes?
You can change every recipe with ease. Simply click on the "spanner" symbol above the chosen meal an then you can delete a food, add another, change amounts, change the number of people and even change the title and description!

How do I change training times afterwards?
Quite simply, click on "change" in the Endurance Plan, then enter the actual time that you trained and click on "confirm changes".
Also click on “change” in the Weight Training Plan, then enter the actual number of repetitions and also click on "confirm changes:" These changes are immediately transferred to your Energy Balance Diagram and Prognosis Diagram.

How do I deal with the "Your Calorie Intake" and the "Energy Balance" Diagrams?
In the Menu Plan you can find diagrams for Your Calorie Intake as well as the "Energy Balance". How do I deal with them?

Calorie Intake Diagram:
There’s a spectrum, within which you can move as freely as you like within the limits of your indicated calorie intake, and that depends on whether you want to lose weight quickly or prefer to do it slowly. No matter what, you won’t feel hungry.  You have room to manoeuvre, from and to a certain amount, in which you can plan your menus and decide for yourself how quickly you want to lose weight.

Our Menu Plans have been made so that you don’t have to change ANYTHING, as our recipes have been made to fit your personal needs, so that you reach your goal. However, you have the freedom to decide your own pace:

If you want to go ahead as quickly as possible, then you are allowed a minimum of 1200 kcal (scientifically recommended limit) per day (see the Minimum Limit on the left hand side of the “Calorie Intake Diagram”). On the other hand, if you want to go more slowly and, therefore, not feel so hungry, then stick to the Maximum Limit on the right hand side of the diagram. But, you should not go over the 100%, as this is the absolute maximum amount that you need to help you to reach your target.

Now you can change Your Recipes in Your Menu Plan using the arrows as you like. If you want to lose weight quickly, then change the recipe for a recipe with fewer calories. This also works the other way around and if you want to lose weight more slowly, then change the recipe for one with more calories.
The “Calorie Intake Diagram” is definite and is not influenced by your physical activities like sport and exercise.

Energy Balance Diagram:
The diagram is very similar to the “Calorie Intake Diagram,” the difference being that there isn’t a minimum limit (you can go under the 1200 kcal/day by exercising and doing other physical activities) and the diagram allows for your physical activities (sport/exercise & spare time activities). This is also the reason that some days the amounts do not completely agree with the amounts from the “Calorie Intake Diagram” depending on whether or not you have exercise/sport or spare time activities in your plan for that day. The Energy Balance value is the value of the Calorie Intake minus the activity.
At the same time this is the diagram that really counts. Try to stick to the middle amount (blinking arrow with percentages) or if possible far left, so that you will lose weight more quickly.
The other way around, means you have the possibility to "sin" occasionally and to go over the 100% limit on certain days. Your Diagram of the Week (at MY AIQUM: Home) lets you know how you are doing at each point. At the end of the week the value should be under 100%, and the smaller the value, the quicker you will lose weight! In the “Prognosis Diagram” in Prognosis you can always see the effect this has on the pace with which you will lose weight! You could also eek your “sins” out over a longer period of time. Simply click on “Diagram” then “Energy Balance” and you will already get an overview of the long-term right up to the Energy Balance for your whole membership!     

You can also read about this in the questions: "What is the Energy Balance and how do I work with it?" and "What advantages does the Energy Balance" offer me?

How do I generate my own recipes?
You can create your own recipes on AIQUM out of over 10,000 foodstuffs and then save them.  You have two possibilities to make your own meals on AIQUM:

1) Click on "Generate Recipe" under Menu Plans (symbol in calendar "Bread with glass")


2) Click on "My Cook Book" in the left hand menu on MY AIQUM.
Then, you will be able to see instructions in 3 steps in the small boxes above left:

Three steps to your own recipe

Step 1
Name and Description

Here you can give your recipes a name and write the introduction.

Step 2
Look for Ingredients

Here you can add ingredients/foodstuffs for your recipe. Either enter a term in the "Search" box, which is relevant to your search (e.g. potatoes), or search by letter. If you put the percent sign in front of potatoes (%potatoes), everything that has potato on the end of it (-potato) will be found. The other way around also works. If you put the percent sign behind potatoes (potatoes%), then all foodstuffs that begin with potatoes will be found.

Step 3
Put a meal together

Now you can add your Recipe to a day in your Menu Plan by using the small calendar symbol. If you don’t want to do that yet, then click on "No, I’ll do that later". In this way your recipe won’t be added to any specific day. You will be able to find it again if you click on "My Cook Book" in the list in the left menu under MY AIQUM.

NB: As soon as you have added your own recipe to the plan, you will have to delete the old one!

How do I print plans?
To print the Menu Plans, click on Menu Plan at the top of the "recipe view" and then on "Printable Version". You’ll find the print command under this.
Click on "printable version" in the Training Plans and then on "print".

How do I start again from the beginning?
Do you really want to start from the beginning? You can do this in your Profile and start again from scratch! Your own recipes, food, forum entries etc will be kept for you!

How do I work with the odd gram amounts in the recipes?
Don’t get confused by the partial uneven gram amounts or the decimal points in the recipes: Be practical and work around them up! This won’t affect the Energy Balance and will make meal preparation much easier.

How do I work with the Training Plans?
The Training Plans, if you have booked them (Gold membership)
should not be changed, as they have been tailor made for you and your targets, based on scientific knowledge.

However, in keeping with the "FDM" you can change the number of sets and repeats, replace exercises and save exercises as your favourites at will. You can change training times under "Profile", "Training Plan" and your endurance time under "change" in the Endurance Plan.

The Energy Balance Diagram lets you know how many calories you have saved when changing the Training Plan and at the same time the Prognosis Diagram shows how the changes have influenced your weight loss rate. 

Try this out, as you can always reverse the changes that you made by clicking on “Restore Original Plan".

How do I write in my diary?
You can open the Diary on the day you wish by clicking on the "small book" symbol in the Calendar. To write in it simply click the mouse cursor in the editor window, write your text and click on "send".
As soon as you have confirmed an entry in the Diary, it will change for that day.  So, the book has been written in and the pencil lies next to the book.

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