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Questions and answers about AIQUM for members

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Lose weight easily, lose weight naturally - Member FAQ´s
Help! My Menu and Training Plans have disappeared!
Don’t panic! Perhaps you missed your Figure Test. The plans are issued for 2 weeks, directly after the Figure Test.
As soon as you have caught up on your Figure Test, you will receive your plans.

How can I add individual foodstuffs to the Plan?
Quite easily! Click on the "green plus sign" in the Menu Plan, and then activate "AIQUM ingredients" by left clicking the mouse on the index menu.
Then click on the suitable category and subcategory. For example, if you are looking for wholemeal wheat bread, click on the "bread & baked products" category and then on the "wholemeal" subcategory.

How can I best get in touch with like minded people at AIQUM?
Nothing could be easier! There are a lot of friendly people at AIQUM, who have at least one thing in common with you: they all want to lose weight and some have already been successful and can give you tips!

To get to know these people, join the Forum or Chat and here you can read other member’s entries. It is best if you join in immediately, as that’s how you’ll get in touch with new people and find out something about them. If you would like to find out more, click on the member’s name and you’ll be able to see more personal details.

How can I change the recipes in my Menu Plan?
To change the recipes, click on the "arrow in a circle" symbol, i.e. 2 green arrows in a circle ("change recipe") in the Menu Plan.

A Menu screen will appear with the choice of the same chosen meal (only the recipes that correspond to the meal that you want to change will be searched for) and for the approximate number of calories, which correspond to the changed recipe by + / - 10% .

For example, if you would like to look for all suitable recipes, you have to deactivate both fields (click in the window) or accept them. Then click on "AIQUM recipes" and on "next".
Now you will see recipe categories, in which you can find suitable recipes. Then, you only have to choose the right category and all of the recipes will be shown. If you want to see more details, click on the recipe.

Would you like to look through all the recipes?

No problem, just do the following:
Go to the Menu Plan and click on "change recipe", as described above, then activate "AIQUM Recipes" and deactivate everything else below. Now, you will get a lot of all the categories in the AIQUM recipe collection.

How can I delete one of the ingredients that I entered?
This also works very quickly. Click on the small, red "no stopping sign" symbol  (delete ingredient), in the Menu Plan.

How can I enter my own ingredients?
To define and enter your own ingredients (e.g. brands or ready to eat meals) go to your Menu Plan. There you will find the link "own ingredients", amongst other things. Once you have clicked on it, a new menu will appear. Click on "new own ingredient".

Now you can enter the category for your food, its name, the standard amount (how much you normally use/eat of it).
Furthermore, you can enter the calories and also the amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fat, if you know them.

If you only know the number of calories, then only add this!

Now, confirm everything by clicking on "enter own ingredient". Then a confirmation menu will appear, in which you will be asked to check everything again. If everything is correct, confirm this with "enter own ingredient" and your new food will be added to the list.

How can I leave the Kilo Club or change to another?
Go to AIQUM: _my and then "Profile" and "Club Settings".

How can I lose weight faster?
If you want to burn body fat then you have to eat fewer calories and/or increase physical activity through sport/exercise or spare time activities.

Here is more information about the two methods:

Method 1: by changing what you eat (eating fewer calories)
If you want to lose weight more quickly, then replace the recipes that we recommended for you with low calorie ones (symbol for recipe replacement: "green circular arrow") or omit individual meals (symbol: "red cross with diagonal line through it").
It is important that you don’t eat less than 1200 kcal per day and that you don´t starve yourself.

Method 2: through physical activities, sport/exercise
If you have you already signed up for your fitness plans (Gold membership), then increase the training time or frequency. You can do this under "Profile – Training Plan" or in the plan itself. In addition, you can also enter your physical activities as spare time activities ("ball" symbol in the calendar).

Whatever you do, the blinking arrow in the Energy Balance Diagram has to move to the left, as the further left it is, the faster you will lose weight!

Each of the above methods will help you to lose weight more quickly, but a combination of the both will make it even quicker. If you look at the Prognosis Diagram (list on the left under Prognosis, then Diagram), you can see how every measure you take at AIQUM helps you to lose weight faster.

How can I see ALL the recipes at AIQUM?
Would you like to look through all the recipes? No problem, just do the following.

Go to "change recipe" (circle with two green arrows) in the Menu Plan, then activate only "AIQUM recipes" and deactivate all other options.

Now you will get a list of all categories under which all of AIQUM’s recipes are listed. Simply click on one category after the other. Have fun!

How can I see my long term development at AIQUM?
Once you have taken one or more of the repeat tests (Figure Test) at AIQUM, you will be able to see the results, both as text and graphs.
Your weight, BMI and WHR will be evaluated. Your weight and fat values can also be seen daily by using the “weighing scales” symbol.

To see your own development, click on "My Success Record", left on the menu and you will already see the relevant text and graphs, which you can print at will.
You can see your Energy Balance Diagram for a longer period of time. Just click on "Diagram", then "Energy Balance" and you will already get an overview of the long term up to your whole membership.

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