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Questions and answers about AIQUM for members

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Lose weight easily, lose weight naturally - Member FAQ´s
Is the membership at AIQUM free of charge?
Yes! It´s completely free! The ordering of AIQUM services is 100% free of charge and without any obligation! The Company Costs are financed by advertising.

AIQUM – how does it work? How do I start? What happens then?
Have you already tried counting "fat" points, followed the Glycaemic Index or done something else? Have you already tried other ways to lose weight, but could never really keep your weight off for a long time?

The belief that fat or carbohydrates make you fat, is wrong and has luckily been refuted by science. Therefore, we know today that we could live off fat and carbs and still lose weight, as long as the calorie intake was correct, i.e. that we eat and on the other hand burn calories.

That’s why the Energy Balance (calorie calculation) is the real key to losing weight successfully! The daily calorie count alone, decides if we gain or lose weight! Therefore, the Energy Balance is the foundation of our methods.

The AIQUM system is based on the latest findings from nutrition and sports science.

In keeping with the approved system of:

1) Anamnesis (diagnosis)
2) Prognosis
3) Plan
4) Analysis (checking success)

you will run through this exact sequence of 4 stages as a cycle, from the start of your AIQUM membership until you have reached your target weight.

1) Anamnesis (diagnosis)
As soon as you have logged onto AIQUM.co.uk, you will take your first Figure Test at AIQUM, and only after that will you get your plans.

2) Prognosis
Have you completed the Figure Test? If so, then you can see a preview of the rate that you should lose weight under "Diagram" in "Diagram Prognosis". Here you can find out how fast you can reach your target weight (you can decide how fast. Please read the relevant questions in the FAQs)

3) Planning
As soon as you have completed your first Figure Test, you will get you menu plan and, if booked, your exercise plan for the next two weeks.
You can enter  your Spare Time Activities in the calendar (click on the "colourful ball" symbol). You only need to enter the extra Spare Time Activities or overtime at work, as the normal workload, as well as the sport/exercise activities from the Fitness Plans, (if booked) have already been set up.

The principle is very simple: the more sport/exercise you do in your Spare time, the quicker you will lose weight!

The goal is always: to keep the figure at the centre of the "Energy Balance" diagram (a blinking dash) as low as possible.

4) Analysis (success check)
Two weeks after your initial Figure Test you will take your second. We analyse your success together here, give feedback on this and put it into diagrams for you to see.
You can follow your success, as long as you are a member, under "Diagram", in Diagram "Success Balance". 
Afterwards, you will get tailor-made fitness and exercise plans for another two weeks.

Two weeks later another Figure Test will take place, and the whole cycle 1) Anamnesis/Diagnosis => 2) Prognosis => 3) Planning => 4) Analysis/Success Check) will start again, until you have reached your target weight.

You can always ask questions or chat to like-minded people in the Forum. Our staff are certified nutritionists and sports scientists, who will answer your question as quickly as possible.

We recommend that you take part in a Behavioural Seminar, at the start or shortly thereafter. It is free and is offered in conjunction with the Diary. You will find useful Tips here on how to change your way of eating step by step and to open yourself to a new, healthier way of life.  You will practice your new, positive behavioural pattern by doing weekly assignments and learn to get rid of the old, negative ones.

AIQUM – Is it time consuming?
AIQUM is definitely not time consuming! It is up to you whether or not you would like to do something every day. For people with limited time, it is possible to simply do the Figure Test every 14 days just to get the menu plans for two weeks.

Can a number of people profit from the recipes?
Absolutely! Even if you are on a diet, it is not very often that you cook just for yourself, if you have a family. This wouldn’t make sense, to develop recipes for just one person.

How does this work?
You will find the "spanner" symbol (edit recipes) under the recipe. Simply click on it and enter the number of people for whom the recipe is meant. The list of ingredients and shopping list will be adjusted automatically.

Can I decide how fast I want to lose weight at AIQUM?
Yes, you can! It is up to you, if you would like to do this quickly or, for example, take a break. In keeping with our "Flexible Diet Method", you can optimise your diet at AIQUM until your heart’s content. With the Energy Balance Diagram and Prognosis Diagrams right in front of you, which always inform you about the effects of the measures that you have taken on your diet and weight loss, you really can’t go wrong!

You can find more information if you read the question "How I can lose weight quicker?"

Can I enter my weight without taking the Figure Test?
We would like to advise you not to test your weight too often, as this will fluctuate naturally, by up to 5 kilos.

However, you have the possibility to enter your weight daily and without taking the tests. Simply click on the "weighing scales" symbol in the calendar and enter your current weight. Your Weight Diagram will be updated accordingly. You can also add the fat values here, if you have a specific body fat measuring device.

Can I just have a look at the Kilo Clubs without joining?
Yes, you can! Click on the "yellow box" symbol – "AIQUM CLUB S, M, L, and XL" respectively.

Can I postpone my Figure Test?
Yes, you can. Simply do the test on the day that you would like to do it on in the future. This will then be repeated every 14 days on your chosen day.

Do I have to do sports to lose weight?
Not necessarily. Not everyone has the time or desire to do regular exercise. You can lose weight by just changing your eating habits.
However, physical activity is an ideal extra support for the process and also tightens up the body. As for losing weight, the Energy Balance is the bottom line and the body doesn’t care if you jog, swim, i.e. do sports/exercise or if you do other forms of physical activity instead, such as going for a walk, gardening, housework or playing with the children, amongst others.

Sporty people get individual Fitness Programs at AIQUM (Gold Membership), presented as fitness videos, from exercises for problem areas to general fitness training, condition training to back exercises. Furthermore, you can choose from a selection of about 100 different kinds of sports. Non-sporty people always find an alternative at AIQUM. There are over 70 alternative activities available, that you can easily build into your daily routine, so that you can combine meaningful activities with the useful and stress free.

Do I have to take part in the Behavioural Seminar?
Of course not. Like everything at AIQUM, participation is voluntary. However, think about the fact that these do not only guarantee quick and healthy weight loss, but furthermore, they help you to keep your target weight, once reached, by helping you to reduce the mistakes you can make.

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