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How does losing weight with AIQUM actually work?

losing weight online without Diet - only with a perfect Diet Plan!

What is AIQUM´s concept? What is the Flexible Diet Method (FDM)?

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AIQUM® – The Flexible Diet Method

The Flexible Diet Method AIQUM® GmbH offers unique and comprehensive services in the field of diet, fitness and health. About 50% of all (central) Europeans are overweight and the numbers are growing rapidly. The complexity of the subject means that there are also companies in the internet that are not serious.
AIQUM® sets new standards in the field for cost effectiveness. AIQUM.com offers its members professional support on the way to their target weight, which is uncomplicated, independent of time and place and anonymous, if preferred. Together with nutrition and sports experts, psychologists and computer specialists the website has been developed after a few years of work.
The latest scientific discoveries are taken into account and an individual, medical based service for weight loss, fitness and health is offered to your as a result.

The individual database supported support of the members allows for low costs, which we can pass on to our customers. Also, the personal consultation and support are also excellent. Dr. oec. troph. Marcus Iken, Leader of our Expertenteams
The AIQUM® expert team of scientists, diet and fitness experts, offer consultations and support to the AIQUM® members via forums, chat and email, all free of charge!

The AIQUM concept: the „Flexible Diet Method“

While many diets recommend that you eat as little fat and sugar as possible, other diets (Atkins) do the opposite and favour fat, avoid carbohydrates or use the Glycaemic Index (GI) as a standard selling point for success. Nutritional scientists already know the key to successful weight loss: the energy balance. It is intrinsic and at the same time so simple. If you eat more calories than you use, then you´ll gain weight, and the other way around. Although, you mustn´t make the mistake of not eating enough calories, as then the body goes into a saving programme! And reduces calories used. This leads to the classic yo-yo effect in which the person weighs more after the diet than before. Of course, this is interesting and lucrative for some firms, bringing a new diet with fantastic names on the market every year, week or day. But, it isn´t helpful to the customers, as nothing in the variety of diets replaces the truth: the key is the energy balance.

The AIQUM the Flexible Diet Method This is exactly where AIQUM comes in:

The same as with a face to face consultation with a nutritionist (which may be expensive), the needs of the customer and also the personal energy balance are established. Biometric data, such as weight, age etc is also taken into consideration, as well as personal dietary preferences, the work situation etc. After this analysis the customer receives their individual nutritional recommendations.

In addition, at AIQUM:

Individual foodstuffs and recipes are entered easily. A fitness programme is recommended and is integrated into the customer´s energy balance. A behavioural seminar can be included in the programme, if requested. A mobile phone service is being worked on at the moment too. Our expert answer questions personally, usually on the same day and even at the weekend. If you like, you can become part of a large community and share your experiences with others or stay private. In any case, you´ll be able to see thousands of Informative forum entries.

This is how it´s done at AIQUM

Once you have registered at AIQUM®, we´ll complete an initial Your first Diagnosis diagnosis together and ask about your state of health, your goals and needs.
At this point you can already let us know your target weight, food preferences, exercise wishes etc..


After a detailed analysis by our experts, you´ll get a menu plan and if you like, training plan for 2 weeks. The training plans are tailor made and are based on the latest scientific facts. We also take into consideration the opinion of experts and institutions. Of course, you can not only choose from thousands of AIQUM recipes, but just as simply add your own recipe and ingredients.


Your menu plan

Of course exercise helps to support weight loss. Although, it doesn´t matter if you exercise or do other physical activities to burn calories. other physical activities to burn calories We have a list of about 100 alternative physical activities which will also help you to lose weight, without exercising, such as going for a walk or working in the garden. We are sure you´ll find something in the list for that will be fun.


On the other hand, sport/exercise lovers can choose from over 70 forms of exercise or kinds of sport. Different fitness plans (problem zone training to back training) area available to you with hundreds of exercises on free videos. In accordance with our „Flexible Diet Method“, you can change the exercises, add them to your list of favourites and vary your training accordingly.

Your Fitnessplan

AIQUM® offers a holistic system not only with menu and training plans, but also behavioural seminars, free of charge and upon request. This is how we support you into changing your eating habits and behaviour step by step.

Weight loss Diagram The first two weeks will be over before you know it and by that time you´ll have seen the first good results and completed your second figure test. The fortnightly tests help both us and you to keep an eye on your results. Besides this, we can optimise your menu plans again and again based on your figure test results.

You can see the test results as diagrams, as long as you are a member, in your personal area. You´ll get your new menu and training plans automatically after every figure test.

It is easier to lose weight in the company of others.

In the community (forum, chat or kilo clubs) you´ll get real support from the AIQUM community. If you want to share your success with other members, you could enter a Kilo Club and here you´ll see other´s success stories and can motivate each other. Last but not least, you can join our expert forum and ask our expert team of nutritional scientists, dieticians and fitness trainers questions, which will be answered very quickly and professionally.

AIQUM for experts: What´s the system based on?

AIQUM UK has used the USDA and COF databases to calculate the menu plans. Both the USDA (USA) and COF (UK) are recognised, standard databases for calculating nutritional values in the English speaking world.

Are there independent tests?

AIQUM GERMANY was tested by the German Consumer Association (Stiftung Warentest) in the spring of 2005 and was awarded 4 of the 5 possible points. tested by Stiftung Warentest It is noteworthy, that AIQUM Germany was awarded these points although the latest version of the software was not in use at that time. The aforementioned software is much more user friendly and performs better than the tested AIQUM software by far.

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Checklist for online diet and fitness plans

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